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Barbara’s Italian Adventure

on July 19, 2016

Recently I went to Italy to visit my relatives and practice my Italian with the experts!

Barbara in Roma

Here I am making my first purchase in Rome al mercato di Campo di Fiori!  Pasta!


And later we went to the market where I ordered the best gelato!  Una coppa di vaniglia, fragola e limone!

Ordering Gelato

I was able to communicate with my grandfather and ride his very cool Vespa.

Red Vespa

And I made incredible new friends!!  Irene and Pietro!  As well as connected with my mom’s cousin…..also Barbara!


Out at an Italian restaurant where I ordered una pizza margherita, un’insalata mista, acqua gassata…..all by myself!

Making pizza

I love Italy and now that I speak the language I can’t wait to return again and again.


One response to “Barbara’s Italian Adventure

  1. Isabella says:

    Delizioso!! Aspettiamo a Petrella tanti piccoli ‘giardinieri’!! Sarà veramente divertente!!!!


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