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How to Make Piadine

on July 24, 2016

 I met a friend named Irene.  AND WE ARE MAKING PIADINE TOGETHER!!  A specialty in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.


Here we are decorating our piadine with toothpicks.


And I am including a link below!  And the recipe too!  There

is so much you can do with a piadina!


After, I put the piadina on a hot pan.  Then quickly, I took

a fork and we started to poke holes with the fork.


As soon as we saw bubbles, we flipped it with a spatula

and then we started to poke more holes on the other side.


Now it’s time to eat our piadine!!!    È ora di mangiare!  Pranzo!



Piadine with pasta al Ragù!  Stay tuned for that recipe!

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