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My First Job Offer in Petrella!!!!

on July 31, 2016


My new job as a gardener!  I went to the hardware store and got a green watering can!!!!  ‘Annaffiatoio’ in Italian.


When I came back home, I filled the watering can.  Then, I started to water the plants.


Then my friend Irene came to help me.  And we had a lot of fun watering the plants together.


I signaled her to come here with the watering can.  “Vieni qua, Irene!”


My new friends joined us!  They had come for an aperitivo!


We took a break from watering to play tag……in Italian, ‘Chiapparello’!!


I ran after Irene to try to tag her!!!!  “Tu ce l’hai!!”


At the café , I found out I got the job beginning next year!  La nuova giardiniera di Petrella!

2 responses to “My First Job Offer in Petrella!!!!

  1. Isabella says:

    Delizioso! A Petrella aspettiamo tanti piccoli ‘giardinieri’!!!
    Sarà divertentissimo!!


  2. Viviana says:

    Il giardinaggio è cosi divertente quando ci sono un sacco di aiutanti!


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