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Riccardo a Roma

on August 17, 2016

Last year we, my wife Vikki and I, had the pleasure of visiting Rome.  And, I am happy to say that we are returning to Italy next month to see more.  Namely, Florence and Venice.  We will be consulting our ‘esperto’, Saverio Guidi, for his suggestions….no doubt terrific!  To really experience a different culture and foreign country…one must truly connect with the inhabitants!  They will not lead you to a tourist trap!  And do the Italians know about food?  Mangia!  Mangia!

Whatever my destination, I make sure I prepare with Giulia!  She is my expert guide to connecting to the basic language needs I have that allow me to better appreciate my travels in Italy and Spanish-speaking countries. And best of all, Giulia makes the learning experience enjoyable and fun.



Vikki and Riccardo’s favorite guide to the wonders of Rome: il papà  di Giulia.



Loved having some refreshments with Saverio in his art-filled apartment in Rome…a great host!



Il nonno di Barbara exhibiting one of her recent masterpieces delivered by Riccardo and Vikki.



Did you see the size of these tartufi??


By the way, please visit the Travelogue Page if you love tartufi and funghi in general!  There is a fabulous truffle festival in October in the Montefeltro region….  Start exploring lodging for an out of this world experience!  And come learn Italian……as no English is spoken here!

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