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Chantal in Southern France

on September 3, 2016

I had the recent opportunity to spend time at a friend’s house in Grasse, France.  It was such a great experience made better by Giulia’s French lessons!

Chantal en France

This is the view from their old farmhouse – looking down to the Mediterranean Sea and Cannes.  There were figs, passion fruit, kiwis, olives, and quince growing on the property.  There were also lemons, so we made ……

Frenc h

Limoncello!  Which is really an Italian drink, but that’s okay 🙂 To the right of the bottles is a little blue bottle of cream.  There are all different types of cream, milk, yogurts, and whey products in France.  This package stays on the shelf until opened, which saves on space in the tiny refrigerators.  It was fun going to the local food stores and markets and buying like the French do!  I had many opportunities to try out my French in these places.

We visited the “perched village” of Tourettes.  Absolutely stunning.

Un petit village en France

The map of the city was put on tiles on the wall of the city.  I saw this in several of the cities we visited.


I could read (some!) of the menus.  It was fun to read them to my sister, who has no French experience.

Chantal & les ardoises!

The local markets were another great place to try out my French.


The South of France is beautiful.  It was a great trip enhanced by Giulia’s help with my learning of another language!


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