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Our Visitors from Spain!

on October 1, 2016


¡Qué divertido!

¡Qué divertido!  ¡Dos huéspedes españoles visitaron una clase de español!

Adela and Fernando, from Spain, came to visit the Language Loft this week.  And what fun did we have!  The warmth, generosity, energy, and interesting cultural fun facts along with hilarious idiomatic expressions just filled the hour!


¡Adela la cocinera!


Adela talked about her hometown in Oviedo located in the North of Spain in Asturias.  (What beautiful photos she showed us!!)  While demonstrating and explaining the procedure of making Tumaca…..  a traditional Spanish breakfast served over toasted rustic bread which I happily provided.  I thought my homemade Italian bread would be perfect for this occasion!


Explicando Tumaca

While Fernando, who lives in Madrid, regaled us with one funny anecdote after another…..  According to Fernando the afternoon siesta is no longer in Spain; he calls the Spanish siesta a myth! Adela on the other hand had other opinions on the matter….  The perfect couple!  ¿Verdad?

Students shared their funny experiences with various expressions and hand gestures they learned in class….. which led into a whole slew of new fun phrases for them to play with….  ¡Qué divertido!


Con Adela y Fernando


Expressions such as :  ¡Te voy a arrear!  ¡Cómo mola!  ¡Qué pasada!  ¡Guay!  …..not to mention, and I won´t, apparently a very common expletive used in bummer situations…. But we ended with Pepita, long time Language Loft Spanish student, exclaiming, ¡Ave Maria Purísima!  ¡Y reímos muchísimo!  ¡Perfecto, Pepita! Or should I say Pepita Perfecta?! (For those of you who don’t know, Pepita’s last name in Spanish class is Perfecta)  ¡Por supuesto!

I tried to convince them to come to our International Potluck party, but unfortunately they are already back in New York bound for Spain in a day or so.  Though, they did say that they would be sending in a recipe or two!  Once they heard that there would be Paella, thanks to Cazador,  that got their minds racing……

¡Buen viaje Adela y Fernando!  ¡Muchísimas gracias por habernos visitado!


Pan tostado con Tumaca


La receta de Tumaca

Los ingredientes:

Unos tomates frescos (Ellos usaron los tomates de Génesis Farm)

Dos cucharadas de aceite

Sal al gusto

Ajo y pimienta (opcional)

 The Ingredients:

A couple of fresh tomatoes   (They used tomatoes from Genesis Farm)

A couple tablespoons of olive oil

Salt to taste

Garlic and pepper (optional)

 La preparación:

Ralla los tomates sin piel con un rallador de queso.

Añade el aceite y la sal (pimienta, opcional).

Tosta las rebanadas de pan (frota con ajo, opcional).

Sirve la salsa sobre las rebanadas de pan.

 The preparation:

Grate peeled tomatoes as you would parmesan cheese….. with a cheese grater.

Add olive oil and salt to taste….(pepper is optional).

Toast  slices of rustic Italian bread or baguette (rub with garlic, optional).

Serve over toasted rustic bread.

¡Buen provecho!

¡Qué rico!

¡Qué rico!

2 responses to “Our Visitors from Spain!

  1. Delia says:

    Before you grate the tomatoes cut them in half and grate from the sliced side. Discard the skin when done. Adela and Fernando mentioned that you can also grate the tomato right over the bread rather than do the whole tomato. Good to know when only using for one serving.


  2. César Garrote Esteban says:

    Hola, correcta la receta del pantumaca,solamente añadir que además se puede combinar con orégano,perejil..etc


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