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International Potluck Party

on October 20, 2016


Alain Passard here we come!!!  Class trip to L’Arpège à Paris!  Or maybe Riccardo might recommend Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy!  His treat!  Scherzo Riccardo, non ti preocupare!




Azul, your tapas looked incredible!  And Pietro, the baguettes and Sicilian tomato concoction….!  Squisito! I learned for the next event to start fixing my plate early so I can taste it all! 



And the Caponata, Isa!


Complements to Cazador for his obra de arte…..Paella perfecta!  ¡Rico!


Corinne, the manicotti were gobbled up so quickly, people were coming to me for my last bite of your deliciously home made, prepared from scratch, crêpes! 



Happy people!



Vikki, via Riccardo, provided a fabulous pasta dish with pignoli and arugula…..!  Delizioso!  Don’t worry the recipe is in the LL book of recipes…….

Solange’s Sformato della Signora Adele…seen here pre-porcini mushroom sauce!


La Salade de Betteraves et Chou Frisé de Barbara! Apparently all the rage!


The list goes on……

 And yes,  some of us danced to Daniele Silvestri’s fantastic song Le Cose in Comune!  Check it out!  Would get everyone dancing! 

Corinne certainly had the moves!


Che bello!!!  E che belle!


We almost got Tom to dance, but he said he only does American hip hop….didn’t fall under the International Potluck repertoire of music…… much to Isa’s relief!


The girls who had spent the entire day at Montclair University singing stood up to sing a portion of their song, One Voice.  We learned that Barbara does not do acapella ….at least not in front of a group….yet!  I will get the piano down for the next event!  Deve crescere!  Vero?


Did everyone make it to the pignoli biscotti?!   Los dulces de Bev! ?  (I will be handing out leftovers  in class this week.)  Las galletas con chispas de chocolate de Rafael?

And Rachele’s scones?!


Barbara did ….the next morning!  And the next……


As we lingered  around the counter I had realized I had not even tried any of the fantastic soups:


Wow!!  Meals in and of themselves!  Loved your Zuppa di Amicizia Italiana, Rosa, with yummy meatballs! Una delizia! La soupe d’aspèrges, Sylvie!  Le Velouté de Betteraves Rôties, Chantal!  Fantastique!  La Sopa de Tres Hermanas, Marco! Maravilloso!

We have some professionals here!  Oui, oui, oui!


Master Chef Italia, España, and France… we come….!  To be on Chopped but not to be chopped!


Out came the scopa card trick that Riccardo had offered a million dollars for at the last LL get together!  A little rusty this time around.  Nonno dove sei??


If you look carefully, in the picture above, the you will see the outdoor oven in which the baguettes fantastiques were baked!


Barbara, Peter, and I ended the evening just leafing through the recipe book in awe of its greatness!



Merci à vous!  Grazie mille a voi!  ¡Muchísimas gracias a Uds!

Until the next event……Save the date, December 3rd, and stay tuned!  Fa La La La La…..

and perhaps….


Hmmm…..  How could we make that work?  They do near Toulouse, France!  Pourquoi pas?  Cazedor, any idea on how to get this size cast iron pot?

2 responses to “International Potluck Party

  1. Chantal says:

    So much fun and great food!
    Thank you, Giulia!!


  2. Azul says:

    Wonderful evening and the food was fantastic. Loved getting to practice my Spanish!


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