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International Caroling and Pizza Party

on December 6, 2016

Auguri di buon Natale,
Auguri di buon Natale,
Auguri di buon Natale,
E felice anno nuovo!


Well,  I don’t know if I have it in me to bake 15 loaves of bread, work a vendor table, carol internationally, and host an International home-made from scratch pizza party all in one day again!  Phew!!!  Sono pazza!  E pizza, at this point!  I ate it for breakfast, for lunch, haven’t made it to dinner, okay, just made it to dinner, and ate it for dinner….  But many thanks to my sidekick who took over the stand when I had to step away….. 


“Mommy, somebody asked if I was for sale.  And I thought to myself.  I’m happy at my home and said ‘no’.”  Warms the heart.

I have to say “Grazie mille!” to Pizza Pietro for baking nine fabulous pizzas in the outdoor oven!  Tutte deliziose!


Here they are:


1.    Broccoli rabe/beschemel/provolone/anchovies/parmasean/garlic

2.   Broccoli rabe/beschemel/provolone/anchovies/parmasean/garlic

    with jalapeños

3.   Margherita

4.   Margherita (can never have enough Margherita)

5.   Margherita with mushrooms

6.   Beschemel/black olives/garlic

7.   Margherita with spicy Italian sausage

8.   Everything

9.   Beschemel/jalapeño/provolone 

The pizza dough recipe to follow…….

Oh yes, I did make a rosemary, red onion with olive oil pizza in the indoor oven…….


Leo created her own personal pizza….! 


Now, that’s a well-used pizza peal!


And we were blessed with a surprise visit from Babbo Natale, in from Italy!  The first word out of his mouth was not “Merry Christmas”, but “Prego!”  Now that’s an authentic Babbo!


Barbara is still wondering how he got here…. “Did he follow us from Remax, mom?  How did he know where we lived?” 


Babbo was such an inspiration to the young that shortly after his departure, look who appeared, Babbetta Natale…..  


Et deux elfes de Père Noël…..


Carlos and Babbo…I mean Tom…how did I get Babbo out of Tom?….don’t even look alike!  Do they?  hmmm…..Found they had much in common….Can’t you tell?  They could be fratelli…or, I mean, hermanos!  They both talk with their hands….now this is really an international party!


And the multi-talented Sylvie (how cute is that beret!  Oh la la….) deserves a halo as she continued to carol into the night, but later at the piano.


What a warm reception we had at the Pub! I’d like to say they couldn’t get enough of us….  We did go in with the intention of singing ONLY O Tannenbaum….a request by our very own Esteban….  But ended up regaling them with Rudolph in French and Spanish and We Wish You a Merry Christmas in Italian….  The Italians did get their final word in after all!! (as they were not too happy when they heard everyone else got Rudolph and Frosty, and all they got was O Santa Notte)  Thanks to Stella 2 for unearthing Auguri e Buon Natale (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)! 

Next time we will tweak the lyrics a little from dolci to vino….  Holding out some cups….just in case they don’t understand “vino”….


Speaking of those Italians….always the best dressed….they all appeared in black pea coats and red scarves….  Molto eleganti!  True professionals… 

Now where are those best dressed Italians in the caroling pictures?  Behind Jesus in all three shots!!!  Don’t worry, I have a call out to Jesus to send me some of his pictures.  Those Italians deserve the cover page!  Yes, that’s you Rachele, Viviana, Stella 2,  ed Isabella!


Hmmm…where shall we take our act on the road to next…..(ideas anyone?)?  I was thinking a cappella ….at Barn Hill, closer to Christmas time, for a smaller intimate setting…..  Any angels out there who would like to fly over to volunteer?  I hear some bells ringing, I think a few angels earned their wings….  Please let it be a LL student…..!  Please….


Frosty too was a true Language Loft carolers’ fan!  A real groupie if I ever saw one!  


I think we won her (yes, her!) over with singing Frosty in French and Spanish….but deep down, I do think that Frosty is truly Italian….  Frosty speaks Italian too!!! Wow, a veritable international coincidence! So of course she loved Gloria in Excelsis Deo, O Santa Notte, Tamburino…..  Anytime you want to come for some Italian classes, Giovanna!  Oops, I mean Frosty!:)  You know where we are!


Great fun back at the pizza party! Isabella provided her very own homemade biscotti fantastici!  We all ogled over Isa’s daughter-in-law’s incredible, edible works of art (Made by Edith Enriquez@ediecakes)….  Can you believe it?!  All edible!!  Including the LV bag!!  Their talent for pastries certainly runs nella familia!




Well, can anyone top that!?  Or even come close?  Corinne and Solange look like they could be old hats at baking!  And definitely up for the challenge!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our international cookie exchange …..Date to be announced…  But you got it!  Recipes to be written in your language of study!  Between our international potluck and our soon to be international cookie exchange, you will all be experts in measurements and ingredients in your language of study!!  Did you consider a career in cookbook translating?  Hmmm….maybe I should.  Sounds like a sweet idea! 

And maybe we’ll sing a carol or two around the o albero, o albero……


Finché non ci dai dei dolci, (tweak..del vino)
Finché non ci dai dei dolci, (tweak…del vino)
Finché non ci dai dei dolci,  (tweak..del vino)
Non andremo via.  (no tweaking…perfect as is)

Grazie mille tutti quanti!! 

Here’s a little next day, tree trimming entertainment….can’t get these tunes out of our heads……:



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