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Limonade Pétillante

on September 15, 2017


Merci! Merci! Merci!

To all who were able to make it to the Farmer’s Market this summer!!  The kids were such a hit that they have been asked back this Fall.  Refreshing limonade pétillante might not be the right product for Autumn weather….  so Barbara might try her hand at homemade tagliatelle….taught to her by the pros in Italy this summer!

Barbara and I are so grateful for your support!! She did great! And learned a lot!



Within the first hour she was selling out… my mad dash home to restock… then out of cups and Pellegrino…my mad dash au supermarché! I hope your completed verre de limonade was successfully delivered to Nature’s Harvest, Giuseppe!

Then les abeilles!!! Mon Dieu! That was traumatic, as they were not simply bees, but yellow jackets. They got word that Barbara’s stand was the place to bee.:) That made pouring hard for her. Willie can attest to that.:) And Concetta! Thankfully, I was there at that point to lend her a hand.

We strategized. Even John the honey man from Top of the Mountain honey, who so graciously donated the most delicious honey to Barbara’s venture, did not know what to do. We ended up leaving an open honey jar behind signage on the back corner of her table…and that resolved the problem….au moment!

The grand finale was an open honey jar full of bees and what to do!? Oh did people have ideas. We were all standing around wondering what the best plan of attack would be. Smoke them out, said Weston.

At that very moment there was a fortuitous gust of wind which blew the corner of her tablecloth gently over the jar covering the opening. It ended in a tuck and roll of tablecloth by Pierre, a tilt of the table by Steve, and a roll right into the cooler where they lay enclosed as we speak. Brave is the soul who opens it up tomorrow! Pierre!

How fitting that the winner of Barbara’s raffle was une famille québécoise! Félicitations Julien!


Seen in photos…setting up, her first sale of the day and her lucky friends who made it in time to purchase the last two glasses of her limonade pétillante were invited behind the scenes!:)

A special thank you to Juliette for coming to the rescue with a CD player and Sylvie for the fantastic straws….. parfait!!!

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