The Language Loft

Learn a new language or build on an existing one

About Languages


“My wife and I have studied Italian at the Language Loft for a few months.  To say that we are having fun is an understatement.  Before you know it, we are speaking two languages.”

French book


Experience the enthusiasm and fun in learning a foreign language.

Learn in real life immersion situations through film, games, interactivity activities, reading, song……

Live incredibly stimulating and mind-sharpening experiences.

Let go of inhibitions and mentally work out!




Dive into a foreign language!

Here is the chance to practice everything you know!  There is nothing better than on your feet real life practice!  And no better way to learn from your mistakes!

Be surrounded by only the language of choice…  Speaking, listening, writing, and reading!

Papers & Pens

GROW ON SO MANY LEVELS…  Creatively, culturally, intelligently, and so much more!

“Not only are my kids totally immersed in a language for a solid hour, they are actually having fun learning.  I don’t have to wonder how much of a language they are picking up.  I hear it and see it!”

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