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Augustinian Recollect Nuns/Jingle on Main


A big thank you to all who came out and supported the Language Loft’s table at Jingle on Main that was dedicated this year to the Augustinian Recollect Nuns, a contemplative, cloistered order of Spanish-speaking sisters residing in Belvidere.


Thanks to all of you, we were able to help them by selling their beautifully knit items, baked goods, handmade rosaries, marmalade, jellies, accessories, among numerous other lovely items…..


We are so happy with and grateful for the proceeds….as are they! My daughter worked tirelessly throughout the day explaining who they were, what they do, and about each item that we sold for them…….writing down every sale!!  And checking it twice!


Modeling their beautifully knit headbands to boot! I am so proud of her!!!


She did it for supporting people in need! Saint Barbara!:)  And quite the sales person!  Blessings to all who came out to support them by purchasing from our table.  As you will see, there were many!


We continue to support the sisters by taking orders for Christmas….goods to be picked up on December 17th. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to place your order.


The following delicious goods are available (all of you who purchased edibles on Saturday can attest to the yummy factor!):  The cookies are scrumptious!!


Strawberry jelly, peach jelly, orange marmalade, orange sponge cake, pan dulce, fruit cake, and lovely arrangements (both large and small) of Christmas cookies.  All homemade by the nuns.


A very special thank you to Cheryl, Rosa, Sofia, Azul, Elisabetta, Joyce, Mary, and Robert!!! And Ruth, for making the trip to deliver the buns!!!


“God bless us everyone!”  A Christmas Carol just comes to mind!  ¡Qué Dios nos bendiga ….. a todos!

Speaking of caroling…….  It just wouldn’t be complete……


We ended the day with some festive international caroling. Thank you to all who mustered the courage…. I know many of you shy away from public singing…. but it is caroling for Heaven’s sake! Time to “Sing! Sing out loud!….”. And sing with all your heart!


What a beautiful performance of Stille Nacht! A little German added to the repertoire this year!


I wish I had a picture! I know they were snapping away, but I did not know who “they” were!:(  But here are a few of the performers, on break…..minus Solange and Justin…..and I heard that Rosa was singing with them in the background!

Danke! (Yes, I had to look that one up!)

À la prochaine fois!jingle2

That’s a wrap!

OH…I mean HO…HO…HO……I almost forgot……..


Before regaling Santa at ReMax with Frosty in Spanish and O Christmas tree in French….Barbara was able to tell Santa what she hoped for for Christmas…….  We’ll see!!!

Auguri di Buon Natale!


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Limonade Pétillante


Merci! Merci! Merci!

To all who were able to make it to the Farmer’s Market this summer!!  The kids were such a hit that they have been asked back this Fall.  Refreshing limonade pétillante might not be the right product for Autumn weather….  so Barbara might try her hand at homemade tagliatelle….taught to her by the pros in Italy this summer!

Barbara and I are so grateful for your support!! She did great! And learned a lot!



Within the first hour she was selling out… my mad dash home to restock… then out of cups and Pellegrino…my mad dash au supermarché! I hope your completed verre de limonade was successfully delivered to Nature’s Harvest, Giuseppe!

Then les abeilles!!! Mon Dieu! That was traumatic, as they were not simply bees, but yellow jackets. They got word that Barbara’s stand was the place to bee.:) That made pouring hard for her. Willie can attest to that.:) And Concetta! Thankfully, I was there at that point to lend her a hand.

We strategized. Even John the honey man from Top of the Mountain honey, who so graciously donated the most delicious honey to Barbara’s venture, did not know what to do. We ended up leaving an open honey jar behind signage on the back corner of her table…and that resolved the problem….au moment!

The grand finale was an open honey jar full of bees and what to do!? Oh did people have ideas. We were all standing around wondering what the best plan of attack would be. Smoke them out, said Weston.

At that very moment there was a fortuitous gust of wind which blew the corner of her tablecloth gently over the jar covering the opening. It ended in a tuck and roll of tablecloth by Pierre, a tilt of the table by Steve, and a roll right into the cooler where they lay enclosed as we speak. Brave is the soul who opens it up tomorrow! Pierre!

How fitting that the winner of Barbara’s raffle was une famille québécoise! Félicitations Julien!


Seen in photos…setting up, her first sale of the day and her lucky friends who made it in time to purchase the last two glasses of her limonade pétillante were invited behind the scenes!:)

A special thank you to Juliette for coming to the rescue with a CD player and Sylvie for the fantastic straws….. parfait!!!

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Why Learn Latin?

1.  Latin is the next step to phonics
  • English is a hybrid language, a marriage of two languages—English and Latin. Beginning in 3rd grade, students start to encounter the Latin half of English. How do we teach the Latin half of English in a systematic orderly way like we do phonics? We don’t. But we should. And the only truly systematic way to continue the study of the English language after phonics is to teach Latin—the foundation of the Latin half of English.
2.  Half of our English vocabulary is full of Latin words and roots
  • Here’s the problem. The child has learned the English word for father, but then as he progresses through school he meets a whole new set of words: 3-5 syllable, difficult, abstract words that come from the Latin word for fatherpaterpatris . How do we prepare students for these words? We don’t. Do you know the meaning of paternalism, expatriate, and patronize?
         Pater Patris                                                                     Father
        patriarch, patriarchal                                                         fatherhood
        patriarchy                                                                           fatherly
        paternal, paternalism
        patriate, patriotic, patriotism, compatriot
       patronize, patronizing
3.  Latin provides the root words for all the modern sciences
  • We live in an age dominated by science, so parents often ask, “Why study something useless and impractical like Latin? What we need is more science and math education.”  We think science is important too—so important that we strongly recommend Latin to these folks. And here’s why: All of the modern sciences began their development at the time of the Renaissance (about 500 years ago) when all educated people knew Latin and Greek.  How will your child learn all of those big words in his science education? What preparation do we give our students to help them master the tremendous demands of learning the specialized vocabularies of the sciences he will study in high school and college? We don’t! But we can and should. Latin provides the root words for the specialized vocabularies of not one, not half, but all of the modern sciences
4.  Latin is the language of law, government, logic, and theology

Not only does Latin provide the root words for all of the modern sciences (Reason 3), but Latin is the language of law, politics, logic, and theology. While a large number of words in science come from Greek, law is the exclusive domain of the Latin language. All legal terms are Latin. The Romans excelled in the practical arts of law and government, and it is from them that we derive our legal and political language. How many of these words do you know the meanings of? (Figure 1) Latin is invaluable for the business and law student. And although logic was first explained by Aristotle in Greek, it was really developed and systematized by the schoolmen in the Middle Ages—in Latin, of course.


5.  Latin is the most efficient way to learn English grammar
  • English grammar! Learning a foreign language is the most effective way to learn grammar. I have never given a talk when someone did not come up afterwards and say, “I never really understood English grammar until I took French (or Spanish, or German, or whatever).” It is difficult to analyze something you use instinctively. And what is more natural and hard to think about than your own native language? It is second nature. The child of three or four speaks in complete sentences with subjects and predicates, verbs, direct objects, indirect objects, prepositional phrases, possessives, participles, gerunds, and infinitives—all without instruction. You do not have to tell the child to put a predicate in his sentence, do you? Have you ever had to say, “Now don’t forget your indirect object” or “Hey what happened to that participle”? Of course not. So when the student tries to analyze something he uses naturally and has learned by imitation, he finds it rather useless and dull. Eyes glaze over.  I won’t say “skip English grammar” like I did the vocabulary courses, but I will say cut way back on your analytical English grammar and put that time into Latin. Latin grammar teaches English better than English teaches English.
  • Which brings me to the 6th reason to learn Latin. Latin is the best preparation for learning a Romance language, or any language. Once you really understand how language works, the task of learning a new language will be more than cut in half. Why settle for just one language? Learn a dozen, but learn Latin first.
7.  Latin effectively trains and develops the mind
  • I consider this to be the most important reason of all: mental training. Latin is the most effective tool we have to develop and train the minds of the young. Not only does it cut in half the task of learning another language, it makes learning any subject easier. How can that be?  The student who has learned how to learn with Latin will be a better student at all of his other subjects. Latin is an unexcelled system. Once you learn one system, you learn how to think systematically and approach any new subject with greatly enhanced learning skills.  The mind of the student that has been educated in Latin takes on the qualities of Latin: logic, order, discipline, structure. Latin requires and teaches attention to detail, accuracy, patience, precision, and thorough, honest work. Latin will form the minds of your students. Think of the mind like the body. Latin is a mental workout, and Latin is your mental trainer.
8.  Latin aids the mind in other ways
    • Latin is a unit study where the work is done for you. The appeal of a unit study is that everything is connected and integrated. Things stick together and make more sense. So much of learning is fragmented into subjects that seem isolated from each other. But creating a unit study is a lot of work, and unit studies are limited to a small section of knowledge.
9.  Latin is transformative.
  • Latin will change your curriculum and homeschool from good to great. Latin provides the missing element in modern education—the glue, the integrating factor. Latin does for the language side of the curriculum what math does for science. It provides the mental discipline and structure that the humanities side of the curriculum desperately needs.The two most difficult and challenging subjects in the curriculum are mathematics and languages. Both subjects are necessarily cumulative. Everything must be remembered; nothing can be forgotten.
10.  Latin is the language of western civilization
  • If we plan to save Western civilization, we must study it. No one would think that we could study and preserve American civilization without studying and preserving English. The same is true of Western civilization. Latin is the mother tongue of Western civilization. The original thinkers in the ancient world were the Greeks and the Hebrews, but it was the Romans that summarized, synthesized, codified, and handed it down to us—in Latin. It could have been Greek or Hebrew, but it wasn’t. In the providence of God, it was Latin. And now Latin has spread over the world in all of the sciences, law, five Romance languages and one hybrid: English. Latin is the most influential language in human history. Learn Latin! You will be doing your part to save Western civilization and transform your education from good to great. Latin is not dead; it’s immortal.
For more in-depth information go to:


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Tarte Fine aux Pommes


In preparation for the International cookie exchange, Barbara thought to try her hand at some warm-up baking!  In between warming up from outdoor snowball tossing….  Oui, oui….classe, elle a lancé beaucoup de boules de neige ce weekend!


Even though Barbara is “haute comme trois pommes“, well not so much anymore as we actually almost see eye to eye, literally AND figuratively, Merci á Dieu!:), she did a fantastic job.  Oh la vache!  Incroyable!  Both in display…..n’est-ce pas? And taste!  Well, we can attest to that.  Though I am sure she will take special orders so you can too….!:)



She decided to follow the recipe in Clotilde’s Edible French, so generously given to me as a Christmas gift by my Thursday morning French class.  Merci classe!

Here she is seen making “le puits” (the well), her favorite part!



And filling it with a little water…….



To create the pâte feuilletée……  Très amusant!



Prête à rouler avec le rouleau de pâtisserie …..


Et voilà!  La pâte!


A little fine tuning….avec un pinceau à pâtisserie …  Elle est vraiment artiste!


And off to le réfrigérateur it goes pour une heure!


No rest for the weary!  Les pommes!   “Elle a du pain sur la planche!”


Un peu de force!



Et un petit peu plus de force!


Et le coupage des pommes!


And before she knew it…..La pâte feuilletée était prête!


Un cercle de 30 centimètres ….


I think she enjoyed this part….oh the concentration!


Du papier-parchemin!


Du beurre!


Du sucre!


La pâte feuilletée et les pommes!


Très jolie….cette tarte!


Encore du beurre!  Miam! Miam!


Et voilà!



Au four!


Au revoir…..pour trente minutes!


Quoi faire?

Jouer dans la neige!  Et……





Where did it go???  Dans mon estomac!!:)



But this one could be yours!

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International Caroling and Pizza Party

Auguri di buon Natale,
Auguri di buon Natale,
Auguri di buon Natale,
E felice anno nuovo!


Well,  I don’t know if I have it in me to bake 15 loaves of bread, work a vendor table, carol internationally, and host an International home-made from scratch pizza party all in one day again!  Phew!!!  Sono pazza!  E pizza, at this point!  I ate it for breakfast, for lunch, haven’t made it to dinner, okay, just made it to dinner, and ate it for dinner….  But many thanks to my sidekick who took over the stand when I had to step away….. 


“Mommy, somebody asked if I was for sale.  And I thought to myself.  I’m happy at my home and said ‘no’.”  Warms the heart.

I have to say “Grazie mille!” to Pizza Pietro for baking nine fabulous pizzas in the outdoor oven!  Tutte deliziose!


Here they are:


1.    Broccoli rabe/beschemel/provolone/anchovies/parmasean/garlic

2.   Broccoli rabe/beschemel/provolone/anchovies/parmasean/garlic

    with jalapeños

3.   Margherita

4.   Margherita (can never have enough Margherita)

5.   Margherita with mushrooms

6.   Beschemel/black olives/garlic

7.   Margherita with spicy Italian sausage

8.   Everything

9.   Beschemel/jalapeño/provolone 

The pizza dough recipe to follow…….

Oh yes, I did make a rosemary, red onion with olive oil pizza in the indoor oven…….


Leo created her own personal pizza….! 


Now, that’s a well-used pizza peal!


And we were blessed with a surprise visit from Babbo Natale, in from Italy!  The first word out of his mouth was not “Merry Christmas”, but “Prego!”  Now that’s an authentic Babbo!


Barbara is still wondering how he got here…. “Did he follow us from Remax, mom?  How did he know where we lived?” 


Babbo was such an inspiration to the young that shortly after his departure, look who appeared, Babbetta Natale…..  


Et deux elfes de Père Noël…..


Carlos and Babbo…I mean Tom…how did I get Babbo out of Tom?….don’t even look alike!  Do they?  hmmm…..Found they had much in common….Can’t you tell?  They could be fratelli…or, I mean, hermanos!  They both talk with their hands….now this is really an international party!


And the multi-talented Sylvie (how cute is that beret!  Oh la la….) deserves a halo as she continued to carol into the night, but later at the piano.


What a warm reception we had at the Pub! I’d like to say they couldn’t get enough of us….  We did go in with the intention of singing ONLY O Tannenbaum….a request by our very own Esteban….  But ended up regaling them with Rudolph in French and Spanish and We Wish You a Merry Christmas in Italian….  The Italians did get their final word in after all!! (as they were not too happy when they heard everyone else got Rudolph and Frosty, and all they got was O Santa Notte)  Thanks to Stella 2 for unearthing Auguri e Buon Natale (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)! 

Next time we will tweak the lyrics a little from dolci to vino….  Holding out some cups….just in case they don’t understand “vino”….


Speaking of those Italians….always the best dressed….they all appeared in black pea coats and red scarves….  Molto eleganti!  True professionals… 

Now where are those best dressed Italians in the caroling pictures?  Behind Jesus in all three shots!!!  Don’t worry, I have a call out to Jesus to send me some of his pictures.  Those Italians deserve the cover page!  Yes, that’s you Rachele, Viviana, Stella 2,  ed Isabella!


Hmmm…where shall we take our act on the road to next…..(ideas anyone?)?  I was thinking a cappella ….at Barn Hill, closer to Christmas time, for a smaller intimate setting…..  Any angels out there who would like to fly over to volunteer?  I hear some bells ringing, I think a few angels earned their wings….  Please let it be a LL student…..!  Please….


Frosty too was a true Language Loft carolers’ fan!  A real groupie if I ever saw one!  


I think we won her (yes, her!) over with singing Frosty in French and Spanish….but deep down, I do think that Frosty is truly Italian….  Frosty speaks Italian too!!! Wow, a veritable international coincidence! So of course she loved Gloria in Excelsis Deo, O Santa Notte, Tamburino…..  Anytime you want to come for some Italian classes, Giovanna!  Oops, I mean Frosty!:)  You know where we are!


Great fun back at the pizza party! Isabella provided her very own homemade biscotti fantastici!  We all ogled over Isa’s daughter-in-law’s incredible, edible works of art (Made by Edith Enriquez@ediecakes)….  Can you believe it?!  All edible!!  Including the LV bag!!  Their talent for pastries certainly runs nella familia!




Well, can anyone top that!?  Or even come close?  Corinne and Solange look like they could be old hats at baking!  And definitely up for the challenge!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our international cookie exchange …..Date to be announced…  But you got it!  Recipes to be written in your language of study!  Between our international potluck and our soon to be international cookie exchange, you will all be experts in measurements and ingredients in your language of study!!  Did you consider a career in cookbook translating?  Hmmm….maybe I should.  Sounds like a sweet idea! 

And maybe we’ll sing a carol or two around the o albero, o albero……


Finché non ci dai dei dolci, (tweak..del vino)
Finché non ci dai dei dolci, (tweak…del vino)
Finché non ci dai dei dolci,  (tweak..del vino)
Non andremo via.  (no tweaking…perfect as is)

Grazie mille tutti quanti!! 

Here’s a little next day, tree trimming entertainment….can’t get these tunes out of our heads……:



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International Potluck Party


Alain Passard here we come!!!  Class trip to L’Arpège à Paris!  Or maybe Riccardo might recommend Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy!  His treat!  Scherzo Riccardo, non ti preocupare!




Azul, your tapas looked incredible!  And Pietro, the baguettes and Sicilian tomato concoction….!  Squisito! I learned for the next event to start fixing my plate early so I can taste it all! 



And the Caponata, Isa!


Complements to Cazador for his obra de arte…..Paella perfecta!  ¡Rico!


Corinne, the manicotti were gobbled up so quickly, people were coming to me for my last bite of your deliciously home made, prepared from scratch, crêpes! 



Happy people!



Vikki, via Riccardo, provided a fabulous pasta dish with pignoli and arugula…..!  Delizioso!  Don’t worry the recipe is in the LL book of recipes…….

Solange’s Sformato della Signora Adele…seen here pre-porcini mushroom sauce!


La Salade de Betteraves et Chou Frisé de Barbara! Apparently all the rage!


The list goes on……

 And yes,  some of us danced to Daniele Silvestri’s fantastic song Le Cose in Comune!  Check it out!  Would get everyone dancing! 

Corinne certainly had the moves!


Che bello!!!  E che belle!


We almost got Tom to dance, but he said he only does American hip hop….didn’t fall under the International Potluck repertoire of music…… much to Isa’s relief!


The girls who had spent the entire day at Montclair University singing stood up to sing a portion of their song, One Voice.  We learned that Barbara does not do acapella ….at least not in front of a group….yet!  I will get the piano down for the next event!  Deve crescere!  Vero?


Did everyone make it to the pignoli biscotti?!   Los dulces de Bev! ?  (I will be handing out leftovers  in class this week.)  Las galletas con chispas de chocolate de Rafael?

And Rachele’s scones?!


Barbara did ….the next morning!  And the next……


As we lingered  around the counter I had realized I had not even tried any of the fantastic soups:


Wow!!  Meals in and of themselves!  Loved your Zuppa di Amicizia Italiana, Rosa, with yummy meatballs! Una delizia! La soupe d’aspèrges, Sylvie!  Le Velouté de Betteraves Rôties, Chantal!  Fantastique!  La Sopa de Tres Hermanas, Marco! Maravilloso!

We have some professionals here!  Oui, oui, oui!


Master Chef Italia, España, and France… we come….!  To be on Chopped but not to be chopped!


Out came the scopa card trick that Riccardo had offered a million dollars for at the last LL get together!  A little rusty this time around.  Nonno dove sei??


If you look carefully, in the picture above, the you will see the outdoor oven in which the baguettes fantastiques were baked!


Barbara, Peter, and I ended the evening just leafing through the recipe book in awe of its greatness!



Merci à vous!  Grazie mille a voi!  ¡Muchísimas gracias a Uds!

Until the next event……Save the date, December 3rd, and stay tuned!  Fa La La La La…..

and perhaps….


Hmmm…..  How could we make that work?  They do near Toulouse, France!  Pourquoi pas?  Cazedor, any idea on how to get this size cast iron pot?


Our Visitors from Spain!


¡Qué divertido!

¡Qué divertido!  ¡Dos huéspedes españoles visitaron una clase de español!

Adela and Fernando, from Spain, came to visit the Language Loft this week.  And what fun did we have!  The warmth, generosity, energy, and interesting cultural fun facts along with hilarious idiomatic expressions just filled the hour!


¡Adela la cocinera!


Adela talked about her hometown in Oviedo located in the North of Spain in Asturias.  (What beautiful photos she showed us!!)  While demonstrating and explaining the procedure of making Tumaca…..  a traditional Spanish breakfast served over toasted rustic bread which I happily provided.  I thought my homemade Italian bread would be perfect for this occasion!


Explicando Tumaca

While Fernando, who lives in Madrid, regaled us with one funny anecdote after another…..  According to Fernando the afternoon siesta is no longer in Spain; he calls the Spanish siesta a myth! Adela on the other hand had other opinions on the matter….  The perfect couple!  ¿Verdad?

Students shared their funny experiences with various expressions and hand gestures they learned in class….. which led into a whole slew of new fun phrases for them to play with….  ¡Qué divertido!


Con Adela y Fernando


Expressions such as :  ¡Te voy a arrear!  ¡Cómo mola!  ¡Qué pasada!  ¡Guay!  …..not to mention, and I won´t, apparently a very common expletive used in bummer situations…. But we ended with Pepita, long time Language Loft Spanish student, exclaiming, ¡Ave Maria Purísima!  ¡Y reímos muchísimo!  ¡Perfecto, Pepita! Or should I say Pepita Perfecta?! (For those of you who don’t know, Pepita’s last name in Spanish class is Perfecta)  ¡Por supuesto!

I tried to convince them to come to our International Potluck party, but unfortunately they are already back in New York bound for Spain in a day or so.  Though, they did say that they would be sending in a recipe or two!  Once they heard that there would be Paella, thanks to Cazador,  that got their minds racing……

¡Buen viaje Adela y Fernando!  ¡Muchísimas gracias por habernos visitado!


Pan tostado con Tumaca


La receta de Tumaca

Los ingredientes:

Unos tomates frescos (Ellos usaron los tomates de Génesis Farm)

Dos cucharadas de aceite

Sal al gusto

Ajo y pimienta (opcional)

 The Ingredients:

A couple of fresh tomatoes   (They used tomatoes from Genesis Farm)

A couple tablespoons of olive oil

Salt to taste

Garlic and pepper (optional)

 La preparación:

Ralla los tomates sin piel con un rallador de queso.

Añade el aceite y la sal (pimienta, opcional).

Tosta las rebanadas de pan (frota con ajo, opcional).

Sirve la salsa sobre las rebanadas de pan.

 The preparation:

Grate peeled tomatoes as you would parmesan cheese….. with a cheese grater.

Add olive oil and salt to taste….(pepper is optional).

Toast  slices of rustic Italian bread or baguette (rub with garlic, optional).

Serve over toasted rustic bread.

¡Buen provecho!

¡Qué rico!

¡Qué rico!


Mi Scusi…. Dov’è…..? Prego!


Afraid to find yourself in Europe unable to understand the signs?  Ask for directions? Read the menu? Order a glass of wine?…  A cup of coffee?…  Truffles?…  A strawberry, banana, pistachio ice cream cone with whipped cream?  Count your change?…..   Mamma mia!  Un vero incubo!

Don’t worry!

Behold some words of wisdom via Lahiri’s bilingual book, In Other Words.

Here’s to everyone taking on a new language!

“Perché alla fine per imparare una lingua, per sentirsi legati a essa, bisogna avere un dialogo, per quanto infantile, per quanto imperfetto.”

For those of you not in Italian class, yet!:

“Because in the end to learn a language, to feel connected to it, you have to have a dialogue, however childlike, however imperfect.”

Don’t end up like this:



End up like this:



Very Funny French video!  If he can do it………You can too!

New Italian class beginning this Tuesday.  Check out the complete schedule of classes.  While you’re at it…might not be a bad idea to peruse the French and Spanish offerings.  Test the waters a bit!

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Why Take the SAT Spanish Subject Test?

yo hablo


Want to make a difference?  Be the best you can be?  Spanish is not a foreign language anymore.  Stand out and kick it up a notch!  Take the Spanish SAT Subject Test and get noticed!  Whether you are pursuing a major in business, medicine, law, theater, fashion, art….. Come get the strategy and practice to shine!  And add that to your college application.  You will be ¡muy feliz! that you did. ¡Vale!


Top 5 reasons to take the Spanish SAT Subject test and when to take it:


  1. Colleges may require subject tests especially if you are applying to take specific courses or programs.


  1. Stand out in college admissions!


  1.  Show colleges your interests and send a strong message!


  1.  Fulfill basic requirements or get credit for introductory-level courses!


  1.  Show the skills and understanding you gained outside the classroom!


When should I take it?

You should have at least two years of strong preparation in the language, but the more the better.

For seniors studying Spanish, if Spanish is a strong subject for you, be sure it’s one of the SAT Subject Tests you take in time for colleges to see your score.

Bilingual (or multilingual) abilities are achievements that deserve to be highlighted! Come show your stuff!  Tutoring in Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin SAT Subject Tests is available right here at the Language Loft.

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