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Bon appétit!  Buon appetito!  ¡Buen provecho!

International Potluck Party!

Saturday, October 15th


Share your dish and recipe in your language of study, enjoy the sounds of the music in Europe, immerse yourself in an evening filled with an international buzz.  C’est fantastique!  And remember a few of these perles de sagesse de Clotilde as you find yourself in the kitchen with your ingredients and Il Divo playing in the background:

~Si vous savez lire, vous savez cuisinier! If you know how to read, you know how to cook!

~Ne cuisinez pas avec du vin que vous ne boiriez pas.  Don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink.

~Goutez à toutes les étapes.  Taste at all stages.

~N’ayez pas peur!  Do not have fear!

~Cuisinez avec amour.  Cook with love.

And for the pièce de résistance:  We will have a multi-lingual cookbook with all your delicious recipes….which I am sure everyone will be eager to consult!

À bientôt!



Le premier octobre

Il primo di ottobre

El primero de octubre


Take a look at the dishes students will be bringing so far…….  Miam miam!  Squisito! ¡Rico! (This will be updated as new recipes come in):

Les apéritifs  Gli antipasti  Los aperitivos

Zanahorias salteadas con ajo, tomillo, y aceite, puestas sobre crema agria en envolturas de magdalena

(Sautéed carrots with garlic, thyme, and olive oil placed over sour cream served in mini cupcake wrappers)

Pomodori fritti e cavolo riccio fritto

(Fried tomatoes and fried kale)


(Sicilian eggplant dish with onions, celery, tomatoes, pine nuts, olives, red wine vinegar….)

Baguettes cuites dans le four de briques en plein air

(Homemade baguettes baked in the outdoor brick oven)

Pomodori secchi sott’olio alla siciliana

(Dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil with capers, garlic, ground red pepper, and anchovies)

Les salades  Le insalate  Las ensaladas

Salade de betterave et chou frisé

(Sautéed beet and kale salad)

Salade de brocoli roussi à l’avocat

(Roasted broccoli salad with avocado, tahini, fresh herbs and lemon)

Les soupes  Le zuppe  Las sopas

Velouté de betterave rôtie, pistou de pousses d’épinards et graines de citrouille

(Roasted beet soup with baby spinach and pumpkin seed pesto)

Soupe d’asperges

(Asparagus soup)

Les plats principaux  I piatti principali  Los platos principales

Paella de mariscos

(Traditional seafood paella with shrimp, clams, mussels, cod, thyme, parsley, tomatoes, onion….)

Sformato della Signora Adele

(Traditional Italian soufflé with parmesean served with porcini mushrooms in a tomato sauce)

Penne con aglio, porri, pinoli, arugula, vino bianco e olio di tartufo

(Penne pasta with garlic, leeks, pine nuts, arugula, white wine and truffle oil)

Zuppa di amicizia italiana

(Italian friendship soup with turkey meatballs, parmasean, onion, carrots, cannoli beans, parsley and  ditalini soup pasta)

Risotto de queso Mascarpone

(Risotto with Mascarpone cheese, mushrooms, red wine, onion, and thyme)


(Stuffed Manicotti with fresh tomato, cheese, and herbs)

Les desserts  I dolci  Los postres

Biscotti ai pinoli

(Traditional Italian cookies with pine nuts)

Focaccine del tè pomeridiano

(Afternoon tea scones)

Dulces de Bev

(Bev’s Sweets)

Glace de banane

(Banana ice cream)

Las galletas  con chispas de chocolate de Rafael

(Chocolate chip cookies)





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