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Miam!  Miam!



Looking forward to The International Cookie Exchange at The Language Loft!

Oui!  Oui!  That means your recipes in English and in your language of study!

Can’t wait!  We have some serious bakers here……


When:  el once de febrero

What time:  alle 2:30 del pomeriggio

Who:  Tous les étudiants du Language Loft

Where:  The Language Loft

What:  Cookie exchange….just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Wow, won’t your loved ones feel extra special when you return home with a colorful array of freshly baked biscotti!  While you are at, research how your language’s culture celebrates Valentine’s Day!  And do share, over some biscuits et café…perhaps a cappuccino too!

La Vita è Bella!…..or should I say….  La Dolce Vita!:)…  I think both would be appropriate, n’est-ce pas?

Time to hit the recipe books….  And roll up your sleeves!  I hear talk of macarons!


La farine, des œufs, et un peu de je ne sais quoi!

Un po’ di farina, delle uova, e un pizzico di magia!

Harina, huevos, y amor!


So far, the International Cookie Exchange entries I have received (reminder, rough drafts are due by January 27th (today) or by the following week (week of January 30th):
  •  Biscotti Messicani (Mexican Wedding Cakes) d’Isabella
  • Truffes au Chocolat (Chocolate Truffles) de Chantal
  • Biscuits de Cerises et Graine de Pavot (Cherry Poppy Seed Cookies) de Sylvie et Élise
  • Boules de Beurre et Noix de Coco (Coconut Butterballs) de Juliette
  • Nodi D’amore (Italian Love Knots) di Rosa
  • Biscotti Tradizionali (Traditional Biscotti…..Italian family recipe!) di Ceri e Giacomo
  • Macarons au Citron en Forme de Cœurs (Lemon Heart-shaped Macaroons) de Delphine
  • Torta di Prugna con Cuore (Plumcake with heart) di Giulia
  • Biscotti con Mandorle (Almond biscotti) di Stella 1
  • Galletas mexicanas con avena (Mexican Oatmeal Cookies) de Sofia
  • Mostachones de Chai con Base de Meringue (Chai Macaroons with Italian Meringue Base) de Cazador
  • Biscotti di Cioccolato con Zenzero Candito Fatto in Casa (Chocolate Cookies with Homemade Candied Ginger) di Giuseppe
  • Tesorini (Cutie Pies) di Viviana
  • Galletas de Mantequilla de Maní (Peanut Butter Cookies) de Esteban
  • Biscotti di Formaggio Spalmabile (Cream Cheese Cookies) di Rachele
  • Panforte de Siena (Nougat-type Delicacy from Siena) di Solange








Seen above, LL’s original carolers singing in Italian!

It’s that time of year again!  Start warming up your voices….  Fa la la la la….

Or rather Vive le Vent Vive le Vent, Cascabel Cascabel, Din Don Dan Din Don Dan…..  Do any of these ring a bell?!

It’s time to Jingle on Main!

Caroling…..Homemade hot chocolate…….Featuring our very own Sylvie, guitarist extraordinaire!

When?  Saturday, December 3rd

What time? 2:00pm-7:00pm

What and Where?  

International caroling on Main Street

Homemade hot chocolate on Water street

5pm-7pm: International appetizers, pizza baked in the outdoor oven, and merriment at the Language Loft!

We have some exciting new additions to our repertoire!

A presto!



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