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Isabella in Sicily

Ciao Giulia,
Here are some pics from our trip and a short statement about how my Italian studies helped me.
Ci vediamo giovedì. Non vedo l’ora,

My husband and I recently visited Sicily with American friends who have a house there and have visited there 2 or 3 times a year for 9 years. They encouraged me to speak Italian to the locals because they say my accent and vocabulary are better than theirs.

Trapani, Italy

Trapani, Italy

In Trapani (where they harvest sea salt with windmills) I was able to ask for the local specialty of “Busiate con le sarde”.

“Busiate con le sarde”.

“Busiate con le sarde”.

I was able to read a sign advertising the “Infiorata” in Castelbuono and we got to go there and see it. The designs on the street are all made with flower petals.


I could even translate the difficult tenses in this phrase.



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