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Mi Scusi…. Dov’è…..? Prego!


Afraid to find yourself in Europe unable to understand the signs?  Ask for directions? Read the menu? Order a glass of wine?…  A cup of coffee?…  Truffles?…  A strawberry, banana, pistachio ice cream cone with whipped cream?  Count your change?…..   Mamma mia!  Un vero incubo!

Don’t worry!

Behold some words of wisdom via Lahiri’s bilingual book, In Other Words.

Here’s to everyone taking on a new language!

“Perché alla fine per imparare una lingua, per sentirsi legati a essa, bisogna avere un dialogo, per quanto infantile, per quanto imperfetto.”

For those of you not in Italian class, yet!:

“Because in the end to learn a language, to feel connected to it, you have to have a dialogue, however childlike, however imperfect.”

Don’t end up like this:



End up like this:



Very Funny French video!  If he can do it………You can too!

New Italian class beginning this Tuesday.  Check out the complete schedule of classes.  While you’re at it…might not be a bad idea to peruse the French and Spanish offerings.  Test the waters a bit!

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Why Take the SAT Spanish Subject Test?

yo hablo


Want to make a difference?  Be the best you can be?  Spanish is not a foreign language anymore.  Stand out and kick it up a notch!  Take the Spanish SAT Subject Test and get noticed!  Whether you are pursuing a major in business, medicine, law, theater, fashion, art….. Come get the strategy and practice to shine!  And add that to your college application.  You will be ¡muy feliz! that you did. ¡Vale!


Top 5 reasons to take the Spanish SAT Subject test and when to take it:


  1. Colleges may require subject tests especially if you are applying to take specific courses or programs.


  1. Stand out in college admissions!


  1.  Show colleges your interests and send a strong message!


  1.  Fulfill basic requirements or get credit for introductory-level courses!


  1.  Show the skills and understanding you gained outside the classroom!


When should I take it?

You should have at least two years of strong preparation in the language, but the more the better.

For seniors studying Spanish, if Spanish is a strong subject for you, be sure it’s one of the SAT Subject Tests you take in time for colleges to see your score.

Bilingual (or multilingual) abilities are achievements that deserve to be highlighted! Come show your stuff!  Tutoring in Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin SAT Subject Tests is available right here at the Language Loft.

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Spanish for Nurses, 7 Benefits

¡Ay!  ¡Me duele la espalda y no puedo caminar!  Necesito un doctor ahora mismo.

Do you know what you are being told?

Ow!  My back hurts and I can’t walk!  I need a doctor right away.

If you were in this patient’s shoes, wouldn’t you want to be understood?  Do not hesitate and act ¡ahora mismo!

Here are seven reasons why you should learn Spanish if you work in the medical field.

1.  Make a personal connection with your patients and their families!

2.  Facilitate patient orientation in the hospital environment!

3.  Assess patient comfort level!

4.  Gather and convey basic and important information!

5.  Inform and instruct about patient procedures.

6.  Résumé !  Résumé!  Résumé !  Advance your employment opportunities!

7.  Spanish is not a foreign language anymore!

Contact Giulia at to register for Nurse Spanish on Fridays at 9:30am at the Language Loft.

You will not be sorry…..and neither will your patient!

I know everyone has a busy schedule, so please find below a variety of flexible options, accommodating a consistent study of the Spanish language in the hospital arena.

Three ways to learn Spanish at the Language Loft:

1.  Tutoring
2.  Tele-tutoring
3.  Class for nurses
¡Hasta pronto!
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